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Central Billing Office Workflow Automation Tool

Surgical Notes’ ScanChart CBO is a revenue cycle workflow automation tool designed specifically for the central billing office and works in conjunction with ScanChart ASC, our chart automation and document management tool. ScanChart CBO was developed to simplify and expedite the time-consuming task of corresponding with ambulatory surgery centers to compile all of the necessary components of a billing packet, in a timely manner. Many CBOs are still paper-dependent, relying on faxing, emailing, and couriers to receive important billing documentation. ScanChart CBO provides real-time communication and instant information and documentation sharing between the ASCs and CBO, eliminating courier fees and speeding the revenue cycle. All ASC billing documentation, including AR and AP documents and correspondence, is centralized and stored electronically, eliminating time-consuming search and remote storage fees.

ScanChart CBO Key Features

  • Works in conjunction with ScanChart ASC, our medical records automation tool
  • Provides real-time communication with your ASCs
  • Centralizes all AR and AP documentation
  • Eliminates courier, sorting, and distribution fees dramatically reducing operational expenses
  • Accelerates the revenue cycle
  • Provides significant return on investment (ROI) in year one

How will ScanChart CBO streamline your central billing office operations?

  • Real-time Communication with ASCs: User-friendly scanning technology allows both the CBO and ambulatory surgery center to digitize and index ASC billing documentation that can be accessed instantly on both ends, significantly reducing courier fees.
  • Centralizes Billing Documentation: Billing documentation for multiple ASCs are digitized and saved in one application, allowing on demand retrieval and eliminating remote storage.
  • Expedites Billing and Invoicing Processes: By allowing the CBO to have direct access and real time delivery and communication with the ASCs, hours are not spent waiting on information. Obtaining the right paperwork for the right facility is simplified.
  • Document Management: ScanChart ASC interfaces with the ASC practice management system and digitizes and stores the patient record through barcode scanning technology, eliminating manual chart preparation, storage, and retrieval. Charts are printed through pre-defined chart packs consisting of the ambulatory surgery center’s existing forms that users can edit or add on demand.

ScanChart CBO Data Sheet

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