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Surgical Notes' ASC Revenue Cycle Solutions

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Surgical Notes is a healthcare IT solutions company dedicated to developing cutting-edge, innovative revenue cycle solutions for the ambulatory surgery center industry. By assimilating Surgical Notes products and services, ASCs have access to an enterprise revenue cycle solution geared toward maximizing profitability, physician disbursements, and business office efficiency. Our expert team of dedicated, experienced professionals deliver exceptional customer service in a timely and effective fashion.

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The largest management companies and over 20,000 healthcare providers trust Surgical Notes' cutting-edge revenue cycle management solutions and services to enhance the financial strength and performance of their ASCs.

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What Sets Us Apart

Surgical Notes stands out from the rest of the healthcare IT solutions market by focusing on the pain points of ambulatory surgery centers and developing innovative ASC revenue cycle solutions that automate the business office and strengthen financial performance.

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We Offer the Technology & Support YOU Need
  • Dedicated Account Management &
    IT Support Team

    Our support team, based in Dallas, TX, is focused on exceptional client care.

  • Certified Professional Coding Team

    Experienced certified coders are committed to preparing accurate, quality coding to ensure proper reimbursement.

  • Industry Leading Turnaround Time

    Reliable and fast turnaround of transcriptions and coding speed your reimbursement.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Experts

    Our experienced team accelerates slow payments, uncovers lost revenue, and eliminates revenue leakage

  • Mobility Tools

    Our iPhone/iPad transcription app and EHR expedite completion of transcriptions and charts without sacrificing quality.

  • Practice Management System Interface

    Our solutions interface with all of the major ASC practice management systems to ensure 100% data integrity.

  • HIPAA Compliant Web Portals

    Easily access and manage your transcriptions and patient charts on our user friendly and secure web-based platforms.

  • Automated Chart Preparation

    On-demand chart printing and barcode scanning technology eliminate time-consuming manual charting processes.

Who We Are
  • Leading provider of ASC technology and services
  • Dedicated transcriptionists and knowledgeable account managers
  • Experienced certified coders committed to preparing accurate, quality coding
  • Expert revenue cycle management technology & experienced team
  • Providing superior customer support for 20 years

We promise to deliver exceptional client care and function as a responsible customer-centric organization and to continually evolve in the development of cutting-edge, innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

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