Small Revenue Cycle Changes That Deliver Big Improvements

Successful revenue cycle management requires ASCs to perform a series of functions, from insurance verification to chart prep, dictation and transcription, coding, charge entry, claim submission, and collections through payment posting, patient billing, and the usage of reporting and analytics. Within all these areas, there are small changes ASCs can make that have the potential to deliver a big impact on the bottom line.

This e-book goes through each of the revenue cycle functions and provides best practices to improve ASC performance and staff productivity. These are accompanied by expert insight that shares additional guidance as well as common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them. By following the recommendations in this e-book, ASCs can further optimize their revenue cycle and gain the ability to reward employees more significantly and frequently, helping improve retention and performance; make ongoing capital investments that drive growth and improve competitiveness; and deliver more substantial and growing distributions.

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