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Surgical Notes’ ScanChart ASC is a medical records automation tool designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers to reduce the time-consuming, manual work associated with managing patient charts. This simple, yet powerful ASC software tool automates chart preparation, chart storage, and chart retrieval saving your business office time and money.

ScanChart ASC simplifies charting operations and increases efficiencies without affecting physician workflow. The paper chart is preserved for physician use during the patient encounter. Post-operatively, digital charts are created through our barcode scanning technology. Scanning charts is an easy and seamless process due to our proprietary practice management system interface. A 2D barcode is printed on every form that corresponds to the patient name, date of service, form name, and page number. When charts are scanned, ScanChart ASC saves and auto-indexes each form.

ScanChart ASC Key Features

  • User friendly and HIPAA compliant web portal
  • Eliminates pre-printed forms vendor and remote storage and retrieval fees providing significant cost savings
  • Proprietary HL7 interface with practice management system
  • Comprehensive chart audit identifies missing forms
  • Minimum physician change
  • Scan AR documentation and invoices
  • Works in conjunction with ScanChart CBO, our central billing office workflow tool

How will ScanChart ASC automate your charting operations?

  • On Demand Chart Printing: Our practice management system interface eliminates manual chart preparation and sticky labeling. Charts are printed in just a few clicks through pre-defined chart packs.
  • Barcode Scanning Technology: A barcode is printed on every form allowing for easy, one-touch scanning post-operatively into the ScanChart system. Each form is auto-indexed to the appropriate patient and DOS.
  • Instant Chart Retrieval: Charts can be accessed immediately, eliminating time-consuming manual searching and remote storage retrieval fees.
  • Customizable Forms: We utilize your ASC’s existing forms and allow you to make edits and add new forms on the go, eliminating the expense of pre-printed forms.

Client Testimonial

“We found it difficult to prepare patient charts in a timely fashion in order to provide the highest level of quality care. ScanChart ASC helped us to not only meet our goal, but to exceed it, by having patient charts prepared and ready for review by our healthcare providers more than a week in advance of their surgery date.”- Business Office Manager

ScanChart ASC Data Sheet

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