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Surgical Notes is the only choice for outsourced ASC coding. Our team of experienced, certified ASC coders is not only committed to accuracy and maximizing revenue, but also to providing exceptional customer service. Surgical Notes’ coding operations are supported by SNCoder, our internal, proprietary technology that will alert centers of any changes in physician documentation that may affect reimbursement. Our ambulatory surgery center transcription and coding services complement each other, improving workflow and greatly reducing outstanding AR days.

The transition to ICD-10 demonstrated to all of our customers that they have an expert coding partner that they can trust. Our coders were not only prepared for the sharp increase in codes but also prepared our clients and the rest of the ASC industry with documentation audits and educational materials to minimize the impact. The Surgical Notes Coding Team is dedicated to staying on top of regulatory changes that may adversely affect reimbursement and have a negative impact on your ASC's cash flow.

SNCoder Key Features

  • Consultative CPCs with 10+ years’ experience
  • Seamless integrated coding platform
  • Microsoft Excel export feature
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Next day turnaround for Surgical Notes’ transcription clients

How Will SNCoder Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle?

  • Instant Access to Coding: As soon as a transcription has been coded, surgery center staff are able to export the codes straight from SNChart, our user-friendly and HIPAA compliant web portal.
  • Physician Queries: Our seasoned ASC coding team secures maximum reimbursement by sending physician queries when documentation is insufficient.
  • Regulatory Preparedness: Avoid the billing delays that occur with regulatory changes and documentation errors. Our expert Coding Team is well informed about any mandates that may impact your revenue stream. Additionally, by performing dual coding and documentation deficiency audits, we help our clients prepare their physicians for any required documentation changes.

Client Testimonial

“Many of our centers relied on in-house coders and were experiencing inaccurate coding and slow turnaround time. Because it is so difficult to find certified coders with ASC experience, we turned to Surgical Notes. We are extremely satisfied! They have a great and responsive coding team that captures revenue that could normally be missed with in-house coding.” - Senior Vice President Business Office Operations

SNCoder Data Sheet

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